Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ventures, Visitations, and Vagabonds

Only two more nights at home. How did the last month go by so fast?? And why have I not written any more about my upcoming departure? Well I've been scampering all across the lands, venturing hither and yon to visit vagabonds of various ilk . Here is a little recap.

Said goodbye to Portland friends and had one last juggling session with the four Giraffe Theorists from Lewis & Clark College. Here is our awesome video: Giraffe Theory

After I moved home, my Dad and I drove down to visit grandparents in CA.

Came home for a couple days and then jetted over to the previously unknown terrain of New York State. My good buddy Evan Franzel is finishing up his senior year at Vassar College but was on October break so we got to go jaunting.

Juggling in front of the New York Stock Exchange. The arcs of the balls represent our tumultuous economic status as of late. It is yet to be determined whether or not the metaphorical ball(s) have been dropped.

New York. Gnu Yorick. Nu Yawk. Know Yuck. Now Yak. Noah Yurt.

The juggling trick I am doing is called the Statue of Liberty

Tonight I just returned from Bellingham where Sister Katelyn and friends Grant and Igor enjoyed the pumpkin holiday and the accompanying revelry.

Grant and I carved a hybrid-mutant-dinosaur-dueling-an-ape-with-an-arsenal. Patent pending.

Sequined souls

In between all the fun stuff, I managed to to procure all the items necessary for the impending journey and figure out all the other odds and ends and tidbits and orts and scraps that needed to be dealt with. Tomorrow, as I do my final pack, I'll let the curious know what exactly one takes on a two year sojourn.

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