Monday, November 3, 2008

Farewell Friends!

Thanks to all you lovely people who stopped today! I was amazed by all the support, donations, gifts, and wellwishing that was present.
Mucho-grande-jumbo-mondo appreciated!!

Well since my bags are finally packed, I thought I might whip up a packing list of every last thing that I'll be taking with me as I leave for 27 months. Approximately 25% clothes, 25% utile items, and 50% games and toys - just how I like it!

dress shoes

Samba soccer shoes (for all purpose strolling and the hopefully frequent soccer games)

Keen sandals

long underwear top/bottom

~10 reg socks/4 dress socks

~8 boxers

dress coat blazer thing

two pairs of dress slacks

two khaki pants (one converts to shorts)

one pair shorts

3 quick dry tshirts

3 dress shirts

4 long/short sleeve shirts


soccer shorts

two headbands (Carlo you know it!)


2 pack towels (kinda like a shammy)

battery-less crank radio

6 battery-less crank flashlights (perfect gifts for my homestay family)

2 water bottles (one sigg and one nalgene)

leatherman skeletool and whetstone

2 hunting knives (not to be used for hunting)

TI-83 calculator with extra batts

2 pairs of sunglasses

Games and Goodies

3 deflated soccer balls

chess set

cribbage board

8 dice of various sizes

travel scrabble (with two sets of letters)



instructions for playing bridge

set (pattern matching game)

Pentago (much more strategic connect four variant)

travel connect four

3 decks of cards

rubik’s cube

hoyles book of rules for games

juggling siteswap dvd set

6 juggling clubs

15 juggling balls

flower sticks

The Mathematics of Juggling

~60 crossword puzzles printed from NY Times online

6 GAMES magazines

ipod and mini speaker

laptop computer

digital camera + 3 memory cards

One Hundred Years of Solitude (gift from sister Katelyn)

Grab Bag

blank journal

duct tape and several small rolls of half-used colorful electrical tape

big roll of scotch tape

washcloth and small hand towel

sleeping bag + sleep sheet

freezer Ziploc full of meds courtesy of Mother
Photo album with ~25 good pics of family and friends
8 extra passport photos J.I.C.

I think that covers it all but there is probably some stuff that slipped into the 72 pounds without making it onto this list. A HUGE thanks to Mother and Father and Sister for helping out immensely with all the purchasing, procuring, plundering, and pillaging that went into the making of this list. Also for throwing such an awesome going away party!!

YIKESIES! I leave my home in 7 hours! At least I spent the last night at home the best way possible - watching home videos from 1993 of my sister and I being goofy kids and laughing at the crazy outfits that our parents wore. "MOM she's standing up in her highchair again!"

Until Namibia,


Ken Lewis said...

Hi Parker: Well, by now you are, how are you liking it? I'm sending you this comment because I assume you have the internet over there, right? I sure hope so...otherwise I am going to feel like an idiot typing to myself like this! I'll check back here in a few days to see if you've added any updates.

Uncle Ken

Anonymous said...

Thanks for rocking KEEN on your adventures! We hope your travels go well. ~ The folks at KEEN

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