Monday, July 5, 2010

World Cup Fever

It was amazing! Being surrounded by rabid avid crazed soccer fans who are decked out in wacky costumes and chanting along with drums and vuvuzelas is a goosebump inducing experience. I felt quite underdressed with my two intertwined USA and Argentina scarves. My adopted team got crushed but it was still an awesome game and I have to admit that Germany (with their Polish players) played extremely well. Great atmosphere but I wish I could have seen the USA Algeria game! Donovan is my hero. Here are some pictures from my first world cup (I say first, because, for something this awesome I will obviously have to attend again. Anyone want to go to Brazil in 2014?) :

Notice the Argentinian fairy and aviators

Pregame parade

Los locos

Juggling at the stadium

The flags come onto the field

Germany in black and Argentina in white

First half: Argentina plan their free kick

Second half about to start

Zakumi the mascot

Some disappointed Argentina fans agreed to snap one last juggling shot