Sunday, November 21, 2010

The last post in Namibia?

I officially have my flight home booked and I will arrive at Seatac airport at 10:51 am on December 16th!!! I doubt I'll be coming to town again so quite probably this will be the last post until I get home. Appropriately, here are some goodbye pictures:

Johannes and Bonifatius both in grade 8

Grade 7 girls: Johanna, Auguste, Ingrid, Linda, Emma

Alina and Justina both in grade 8

Sir at his desk in the library. Note the M.C. Escher calendar pages on the wall, my chess set (I've been studying so Grant and Evan watch out!), the completed colorful puzzle (another donation), and the mishmash of books and papers strewn about.

Mr. Percy Marumani is the English teacher for Grade 8, 9, and 10. He speaks the best English out of all the teachers (besides me), and has been a great friend for the last two years.

Meme Emilia in her flashy new dress courtesy of yours truly.

America! Angula, Meme Emilia, and Mwiingona holding up their omapandela

The grade 7 class photo. Top to bottom left to right with my favorites in bold: Mr. Simeon Musilika (teacher for English and Social Studies), Frans, Titus, Monica, Hertha, Emma, Johanna, Leticia, Genesia, Peneyambeko, Mr. Marumani, Ingrid, Bertha, Auguste, Johanna, Vistorina, Hilma, Ndasilohenda, Lukresia, Emma, Sir Paka, Frans, Fanuel, Selestino, Simeon, Japhet, Ileni, Leonard, Joseph, Timoteus, Linda

Grade 7 again but this time 'funny style'

The grade 8 class photo. Top to bottom left to right with my favorites in bold: Sir Paka, Junias, Titus, Malakia, Sakaria, Uushona, Wilbard, Petrus, Iipuleni, Tomas, Sir Marumani, Kaarina, Sylvia, Tusnelde, Magano, Alina, Justina, Helvi, Mwiingona, Rautia, Ester, Sylvia, Martin, Ndili, Andreas, Johannes, Abner, Sem, Bonifatius, Kashongwi, Jason

The grade 9 class photo. Top to bottom left to right with my favorites in bold: Sir Marumani, Rauna, Erastus, Nepando, Andreas, Aino, Alweendo, Soini, Vendelinus, Sir Paka, Susana, Leta, Aina, Gertrude, Erica, Enguwa, Rosalia, Ndakulilwa, Evelina, Rautia, Maria, Simson, Marti, Menas, Festus, Markus, Alfeus, Hosea, Lukas

Thursday was the last day of teaching and actually there was no teaching because I declared Thursday to be picture day! I rigged up a tower of desks for a platform for some self-timer shots and arranged each class so we would all fit in the picture. We did three photos as a group with two formal smiling shots (to increase the chances of getting a quality picture) and the third one funny style. Then we all went to the library for individual portraits. I decided since these kids don't have much to begin with, don't get many presents, and absolutely love photos, that I would give them all two photos: a class picture and also a self portrait. They were pretty happy when I told them and in return I am asking them all to sign in my memory book a la high school yearbooks. And I am making sure they put their full name: first name, surname, oshiwambo name, and nickname. For example:

Bonifatius, Japhet, Dimba, Rooney Boy (after famous soccer star Wayne Rooney)

Also for my 'favorites' I am giving them the photos like the ones I posted above where they are standing with me. But that will be a surprise for them on the last day of school! Exams started on Monday and they take the math exam on December 2nd. After that I have to wade through piles and piles of papers that need grading and then I say goodbye to everyone, head down to Windhoek, have my exit interview, close my bank account, and get on the plane! Wow! December 16th I will be back home after 26 months away and I cannot wait for the reunion with friends and family, snowboarding in snowy forests, cold damp drizzly walks with the dogs, drinking eggnog by the fire, Christmas!, Thai food feasts, fast internet, hot showers, Canadian islands, the Pacific Northwest, cuddling up on the couch with my cat and watching movies, playing the Wii, riding my bike, playing some pickup soccer/frisbee, and generally enjoying America.

Until then,


Sasha said...

Paka! It's gone by so fast, from here :) Safe travels and hope to hear from you stateside... Sasha

The Young Farmers said...

Parker, I've really loved reading about your time in Namibia! Good luck as you transition back into life in the states. If you ever get the itch to come to Vermont, you've got a place to stay! -Marisa

retta indongo said...

Parker you have made a huge impact in my life. Two years was not really a long time being with us as a volunteer but it was worth it. I reaaly learned a lot from you.

Hope to hear from you soon and for a re-union.

-Leta Indongo
(your learner at Elamba c.s, 2009-2010)

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