Friday, January 29, 2010

Phurther Fotografs

Kristofina Iitembu - my favorite grade seven who transferred schools :-(

Shaningi Simson (Gr 9) and Bonifatius Jafet (Gr 8) with their donkeys

Titus Frans, Sheehama Sakaria and Johannes Nilenge (all Gr 8)

Sister Katelyn from USA and sister Mwingona from NAM

Meme Emilia and Meme Judy

Asser Ndinondjene (Gr 10)

Perusing the fancy lunch menu

Pretending to be connoisseurs


Intrepid explorers in sync

I am not dropping in this picture

Tsitsikamma splendor

A pause in the mating mambo


Lounge lions

Feline feelings


Zeeba neighbors

My Elementary school mascot come true

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