Sunday, January 11, 2009

New home near Tsandi in North Namibia

First sunset at my permanent home

Chicken to Go!


Uncle Ken said...

Hey, Paka:

What's that chicken wrapped up in? And what are you doing holding it on the beach? Hey, that little Nola girl sure is cute. You didn't happen to see Brangelina while you were in Namibia did you? I hope all is well with you and that you're settling in OK in your new outpost.

Sasha said...

Paka! Unakumbuka kiswahili sasa? Nimesoma blog yako na napenda sana kujua kila kitu unafanya. Nafikiri umesafiri nzuri kabisa na utujua kiNamibia (sikumbuki maneno) haraka sana. I'm really happy to hear about your adventures and your open hearted, eager-learning self. I know you're approaching all this with the same good spirits as you did Kenya, and that thought makes me happy. Hope the challenges have been small and that you're staying healthy. (No kicking coral rock in bare feet now, you hear!). Keep in touch.

Alec said...

But you know, if you do get into that coral, I'll be there to play doctor (again)! Hope all is well.

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